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Digitizing business and production processes as completely as possible and linking them comprehensively, interoperably and adaptively with production control systems or cyber-physical systems is seen as the key to increasing profitability and competitiveness and to end-to-end flexible production as the core of most value chains.
To achieve this with broad impact across company boundaries and especially for SMEs, standardized components are needed in practice. The focus of most industry-related ICT software projects is therefore the harmonization of data and process models, data formats or communication interfaces and protocols in order to be able to establish the desired interoperability between machines, devices, automation and software components. To this end, the Basic System 4.0 (BaSys 4.0), which is open to technology and based on the RAMI 4.0 reference architecture, is to be used for application-oriented projects and brought into widespread use. Findings and results from the new projects are to flow back into updates of the basic system. Project partners in BaSys4Forestry include Forstify GmbH and rBITech GmbH.



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