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In the BaSys4FluidSim project, we apply the concepts from BaSys to the domain of fluid power systems, such as hydraulic cylinders and valves. A special focus is on the use and linking of simulations of such systems. Due to their high forces and dynamics combined with small dimensions, fluid power actuators will remain important "muscles" in flexible Industry 4.0-compliant production in the future. The design of the fluid power systems is characterized by extremely different requirements. The result is a wide range of possible circuit concepts and potentially available components for their implementation. Although there are already standardizations, nominal sizes within these components with a wide variety of technical characteristics (dynamics, controllability, robustness, ...) are available. This variety of components is a challenge on the way to Industry 4.0-compliant fluid technology systems. The basic system Industry 4.0 (BaSys), especially with the concept of the administration shell, offers the tools to overcome the obstacles described. The goals of BaSys4FluidSim can be divided into three phases. The aim of phase 1 is to create a uniform, manufacturer-independent preparation of the component characteristics in the form of BaSys administration shells for use in the machine design process. In phase 2, the asset administration shell is expanded to include simulation-relevant data in order to be able to effectively support the use of simulation models, which is increasingly common in industry (for example in the development of machines and the validation of the selected components). Ultimately, in phase 3, administration shells are to be used to return operationally relevant properties for analysis and support so that the potential of a targeted analysis and optimization can be exploited.



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