Model-based decentralised automatic management of product flow paths in processing plants

  • Modellbasierte dezentrale automatische Verwaltung von Produktflusswegen in Prozessanlagen

QuirĂ³s, Gustavo

Aachen (2010)

Zugl.: Aachen, Techn. Univ., Diss., 2010


This work introduces the model of product flow paths as a formal framework for the correct execution of product flow operations in processing plants. A product flow path is a software object responsible for controlling, monitoring and documenting the movement of products along a determined route in the plant, and represents a temporarily and spatially isolated area for the safe and correct transport of products. A formal model provides a guide for the implementation of decentralised object-oriented product flow path management systems. A model-based synthesis technique replaces the engineering of a flow path management system for a plant with the simpler task of creating and verifying a model of the plant. A prototypical implementation of this technology has been developed as a proof of concept and tested with real-life plants, and can be seen as a reference implementation for industrial-strength flow path management systems.