Service Units


There are various institutions at RWTH Aachen that offer their technical and educational media expertise to develop, implement, and optimize blended learning concepts for your teaching. The following institutions can offer you advanced education, trainings, workshops, and advising:


Audiovisual Media Center – AVMZ

As part of the Faculty of Medicine, the Audiovisual Media Center, AVMZ for short, is responsible for supporting teaching, research, and continued education through media services. Due to its organizational tie to the Faculty, the AVMZ's services are first and foremost available to those in medicine, but it is possible that, under certain conditions, the AVMZ could support teachers at RWTH with blended learning topics such as collaborative projects or training offers.

University Library – UB

The University Library, UB, has numerous offers for blended learning: from online tutorials for first-year students to webinars to an interactive guide for inventors.