Courses offered

The offered courses can be found in the RWTH-Online Information System CAMPUS. There you will find information regarding the course content, when and where classes take place and the research assistant in charge of organizational matters.

For example, the chair offers courses on the Dynamics of Technical Systems, Process Measurement Technology and Optimization (core curriculum) and the courses on Process automation, Models of Control Technology, CAE systems and Data Mining (specialization section).


As cross-section subject, Automation Engineering is aimed at students of various disciplines:

For undergraduate students (Bachelor) of Materials Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, Computational Engineering Science and Mineral Resources Engineering. For graduate students (Master) of Automation Engineering, Materials Engineering, or Metallurgical Engineering. More…

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In case you are interested in one of the posted bachelor- or master thesis or think about developing your own hypothesis or idea within our field of activity, please contact the respective supervisor or tutor via e-mail.



Excursions, part of the practical training

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