Current Projects


The team of the Chair of Process Control Engineering works on projects that deal with different areas of industrial automation. Concepts and solutions for the challenges of the future, especially in the context of Industry 4.0, are developed and prototypically implemented.

Directly associated with Industrie 4.0 is currently the project BaSys 4.2, in which the Chair of Process Control Engineering is involved on behalf of RWTH Aachen University together with 18 other partners from industry and research. Different use cases are discussed and implemented in the BaSys satellite projects with the different research and industry partners.

In the project Model and Data Driven Process and Quality Optimization in Container Glass Production the focus is on an overall optimization of the production process, the plant and the product by developing concepts and prototypical tools. Currently, the production of containers is such that the structures and formats of data from different measurement systems in container production are inhomogeneous, making the identification and merging of data extremely difficult

The goal of the Prep for Innovation: Reallabor Nivelstein project is to explore new technologies for sustainable and efficient raw material extraction and energy supply. A real laboratory is currently being set up for this research project at the Nivelstein production site.

In the AiF project Coupled Process Chain Modeling, the goal is to make data generated by soft sensors in the production process available to subsequent production steps and thus to achieve quality improvements and energy savings.The practical research environment used here is the manufacture of metallic products and semi-finished products.