For the development of our core- and function block types, we provide a portable development environment. This environment is a structured around a modified version of Eclipse CDT and allows a comfortable development and the debugging/profiling of object- and function block libraries. The comfortable use of the IDE makes the following tasks rather simple:

• Designing wizards for creating OV-libraries

• Integration of the OV-specific code generation and the development workflow

• Creating editors for OV-specific syntax expansions

• Generating OV-databases

• Starting and monitoring ACPLT-runtime servers

• Establishing a simple link to version control systems e.g. SVN or GIT

Due to the platform-independence of Eclipse, we are able to provide development-kits for Windows and GNU/Linux. In general, all DevKits may be used without installation and can also be run from external storage media (e.g. USB-Sticks).