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GREEN-LOOP addresses novel solutions for bio-based materials and approaches the problem from a circular economy perspective, overcoming barriers to new manufacturing tools, energy efficiency improvements and sustainable value chains. The main objective of GREEN-LOOP is to develop and optimize three innovative bio-based materials and components for the industrial sectors:

  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Appliances and tools.

In particular, the following products are developed:

  • Multifunctional rubber sheets with fire resistance and vibration resistance.
  • Bottle closures made of bioplastic for oil and fruit juice
  • Bearings made of wood composites for plastic injection machines

The value chain of each product is optimized from the source of raw materials to the end of the products' life to ensure a circular economy. All production lines are retrofitted to adapt to the new improved bio-composites using artificial intelligence. Ultrasound improves lignin production and rubber production, microwaves improve bioplastic preheating during injection molding and curing of wood composites. The entire process is monitored and presented on a virtual platform that includes KPI evaluation, real-time business optimization, training (webinars) and social engagement.

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