AiF Project Coupled Process Chain Modeling

  Process for the production of metallic products and semi-finished products Copyright: © IAT

The properties of metallic products and semi-finished products (e.g. tensile strength, hardness, toughness) depend on the entire chain of processes passed through during manufacture. Conversely, the current properties of the product also have an effect on the parameters of the process passed through in each case.

Aggregates for individual processes are increasingly equipped with mathematical process models. Among other things, they serve as soft sensors to determine values that are not accessible with measurement methods and predict values that will occur in the future when a specific control scenario is applied. However, data once generated is usually not available to the process models of other plants, although this data is valuable as initial conditions and parameters for the models of downstream processes in the process chain.

In the project, the semantic interoperability of these heterogeneous process models will be improved by integrating process data in order to achieve quality improvement and energy savings in coupled forming and thermal processes in the metal industry. For this purpose, on the one hand, model extensions are aimed at, which make a transfer of the results of the models useful. On the other hand, a platform for data management and data exchange between the individual steps of the process chain will be established.

A special focus is on the specification of interfaces and data formats for the data exchange with the simulation models, so that a simple transfer of the results to other models is ensured. Furthermore, it will be investigated how a uniform system environment can be defined for the central execution of the simulation models. In addition, the adaptability of the concepts to other models and processes, as well as the cross-company data transfer will be considered. In this context, an important aspect is the semantic annotation of the data by meta-information.



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