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The objective of the project “BaSys4Brenner” is to develop a prototype of an Industry 4.0-capable burner control system based on the BaSys concepts. A particular challenge of the development is the safety-related certification of the burner, including the control system, under the conditions of the constantly changing application software, production systems, standards and technologies. As a preliminary stage of the prototype, an open-source burner control will be implemented on a low-cost development board. This board will be then further developed into a freely available demonstrator. For this purpose, the Asset Administration Shell together with different submodel templates and the BaSys-Control Component will be used, evaluated and further developed. From this, a certifiable prototype of a burner control will be synthesized and tested in a test bench.

Research and industry partners:

RWTH Aachen, Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering

Hermann Zander GmbH & Co. KG

Hans Hennig GmbH



Ramy Hana


+49 241 80 97733