Open Asset Administration Shell


In order to meet the challenges which are accompanied by the fourth industrial revolution, the administration shell is being discussed as a solution. For that, together with the ZVEI, the project “openAAS“ (open Asset Administration Shell) has been launched early 2016. This project is supposed to support the concept of the administration shell with a practical implementation, and to establish a basis for further discussions. The chair is supported by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of ZVEI member companies.

This project pursues two main objectives: the design and selection of the models for the administration shell and its concrete realization. That means that a traverse from the conceptual level to the implementation will be made. The technology-neutral model can be implemented with various technologies. In openAAS, OPC UA was used, since it is a promising technology for a secure communication (encryption, authentication) and for the information modelling.

Contact: Florian Palm