Characteristics of Technical Systems


The characteristics of technical systems represent the simplest and most commonly used agent for system descriptions. For this reason, they are also often objects of information exchanges. Although there are currently multiple technical solutions for electronic catalogue systems and others, their information models are usually geared towards specific application domains. As a result, the solutions are already quite diverse on a logical level. Thus, the research carried out in this area has two main goals: The conception and development of a continuous and operationally realizable model of a characteristic system across all levels of abstraction, and the development and conception of a general service system. The services are able to map the administrative and operational interaction forms that occur during the entire life cycle of the characteristic system. The starting point is the development of a general Meta model for characteristic systems. The Meta model includes both, a structure description in which the basic structure of the characteristic system is determined and a service interface where the behavior of the characteristic system is mapped. The behavior of the characteristic system is completely defined by its service system. Any interactions involving the administration of the system itself or the operational running of the system are exclusively processed by the service interfaces.

Advantages of this approach are

  • a formal specification of the manipulation possibilities
  • a uniform and complete specification across all model layers and application domains,
  • a plain and simple description and
  • a simple implementation within the operational environ