Modeling of resource capabilities for matching with required capabilities for realization of automation tasks

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For the realization of volatile control tasks (e.g., in batch size-1 production), flexible planning, adaptation and implementation of the tasks is required. On the requirement side, capabilities in knowledge-based systems can be used to describe the required control tasks. On the assurance side, skills provided by an automation device (e.g., a CNC milling machine) must be abstracted to capabilities.

Required and provided capabilities must be compared after provision by both sides in order to find an applicable solution. In doing so, influences of the environment must be considered and included.

The influences of the environment as well as the description of requirements and the implementation of assurances differ greatly in the different domains. This research project tries to evaluate commonalities of the implementations in the different domains and to apply the findings to the abstraction of capabilities of the assuring side. The environmental influences, as well as configuration and parameterization options of the automation devices will also be considered.



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