Conformity to meta-models of digital twins

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The digital transformation of industry towards Industry 4.0 is one of the central challenges of digitization. Digital twins play a central role in this context. A Aigital Twin is the representation of real existing goods, machines and processes in the digital world.

One of the essential promises of Industrie 4.0 is interoperability. This means that components from different manufacturers can work together seamlessly. This also applies in particular to Digital Twins. Standards are therefore needed to ensure the interoperability of Digital Twins from different manufacturers. An important step in this direction has already been taken with the standardization of the Asset Administration Shell.

The core of the Asset Administration Shell is its metamodel, which describes the data structures of Digital Twins. In order for implementations of the management shell to be interoperable, they must therefore implement the metamodel correctly. To ensure this, suitable approaches are being developed and evaluated as part of this research work. A major focus is on the automated generation of test cases with the goal of representing all aspects of metamodels using example instances.



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