Dynamic component and module integration for process automation


Today for the modern production systems changeability and flexibility are one of the most important requirements. The frequency in product variety and change will continue increasing. So, the question that arises is how do production systems have to be designed to fulfill these requirements? And how one can automatize the whole process where modular plants independent from their standardizations (PackML, MTP, OPCUA….) would work together?

Hence a possible solution for a group of control components with various standards working together in a network is proposed. As described in the image control components or group of control components with various standardization will be considered. For this purpose, various test scenarios will be generated and tested. And then via an adapter or a new discovery, which can make all these control components work together, an automatic connection between these control components will be generated.

This can be the start for a new Industrial revolution where various different plant modules independent from their standardizations automatically connect with each other and start working together. This concept can be elaborated via a simple USB Mouse example. In this example if a user wants to change his/her mouse but not the USB connected to his/her laptop he/she will simply change the mouse and the new mouse will automatically connect to the laptop via this universal USB. Hence similar to this concept in this work a universal adapter is being proposed which can make various control components work together.



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