Field device performance

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In terms of their functionality, field devices represent the basic elements in the automation hierarchy. Process knowledge generated by them allows reactants and products to flow through pipelines, triggers production steps or triggers alarms. The selection of the right field device for the corresponding application, the correct dimensioning and design are decisive for the control and management of a process. Numerous factors resulting from the physical design of a process plant can cause errors and problems with field devices. In order to exclude these problems, it is essential to select the dimensioning, the place of installation in general as well as the measuring range of the sensors and the operating range of e.g. valves under consideration of all plant parameters. The aim of our research is to investigate how changes of a plant in its entirety or also in partial sections affect the quality of the sensor measurement data or also the actuator functionality. A concept for the analysis is to be created, which classifies the effect of a change in advance and thus represents an evaluation basis for upcoming constructional measures.



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