Contact and Location



Chair of Process Control Engineering
Turmstrasse 46
52064 Aachen

phone: +49 241 80 94339

(within Germany, add a zero instead of +49)


How to get to us by car

  • From interchange Aachen (A4/A44/A544) on to the A4 towards Antwerpen, Heerlen (NL/B).
  • Exit Laurensberg
  • Follow "Kohlscheider Straße" towards Aachen Innenstadt (becomes Roermonder Straße after about 1km).
  • Follow "Roermonder Straße" to its end (lefthand opposite you see an old town gate, "Ponttor") and turn right onto Pontwall.
  • Follow until passing a bridge (over railways tracks), then turnright into "Professor Pirlet Straße".
  • After about 50 m there is the RWTH parking block, free of charge.

How to get to us by train

From the north (coming from Mönchengladbach):

  • Aachen West(bahnhof)
  • 5 minutes to walk:
    • Down the stairs, you turn left, then right into "Geschwister-Scholl-Straße".
    • Right before passing under a bridge, use the stairs up onto the street, turn left. The entrance door is at your left. (The door you might have seen on the lower floor can only be opened from the inside.)

From the east/west (coming from Köln/Cologne):

  • Aachen Hauptbahnhof
  • There are four trains per hour to the Westbahnhof (Aachen West, see above) or busses, usually free of charge with a long distance train ticket (show it to the driver if you are not sure and tell him where you are going).
    • From Aachen Hauptbahnhof use busses 3 oder 13 (from the station side of the street) to "Ponttor" (from Ponttor, it a 5-minute-walk).
    • From Ponttor, turn left into "Turmstraße".
    • Follow that street, passing two street crossings until you see a white building to right, just in front of a bridge over railway tracks.
    • Please use "our" entrance towards the bridge, not the one at the corner "Claßenstraße"