Company Outing IAT


Thursday 29.09. und Friday 30.09.2022

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After the PhD seminar, our company outing was on the agenda on Thursday 29.09. and Friday 30.09.2022. Thursday afternoon we went to Gelsenkirchen to the Buddy Bash. Those who know "Schlag den Raab" should be familiar with this. Divided into two groups, we played duels against each other in 12 mini-games. Variety was provided, because there were games from each category (knowledge, sports, skill, speed, etc.). Afterwards we went to Duisburg to the youth hostel, where we spent the evening in a delicious restaurant.
The next morning we went well strengthened from breakfast to the Gasometer Oberhausen GmbH, where we first had a guided tour through the exhibition and then an hour at leisure.
Around noon we went back to Aachen, where the IAT barbecue was waiting for us. Together with all employees of the department as well as selected students we spent nice hours.
It was a great company outing and we are already looking forward to the next teambuilding event.