Our team from the chair of process control engineering works on projects which consider various domains of industrial automation. In the process we are developing concepts and solutions for the challenges of the future, especially in the context of Industry 4.0, by converting them prototypically.

These projects are not only carried out by cooperation with project partners from the industry but also by the involvement of the academical section.

Currently there are three projects associated with Industry 4.0: Open Asset Administration Shell (openAAS), BaSys 4.0 and the Industry-4.0-Testbeds. The AAS is an implementation project which realizes an open administration shell by cooperating with the ZVEI as project sponsor. The project BaSys 4.0 also develops an open implementation but for a basis system for production systems that are Industry 4.0 compliant. Within this system, paradigms and architectures are realized for the implementation of the convertible fabric and the production batch one. Within the Industry-4.0-Testbeds the priority is given to the standardization. The chair is concerned with the development of a standardized concept for Plug & Produce.

The project enhancement of the energy efficiency within the processing of rubber is occupied with the question how the energy consumption and the time exposure can be reduced by usage of a mixer for rubber. This project is implemented through cooperation with the Institute of polymer processing from the RWTH Aachen University.